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Thank you for being curious about my Credentials, Beliefs, and my Philosophy. Before I tell you about me, I want to take 45 secs of your time to tell you a Shocking Truth. 

According to the Danger Report published by the National Association of Realtors in 2015:
" Masses of Marginal Agents destroy reputation. The Real Estate Industry is saddled with a large number of Part-Time, Untrained, Unethical and /or Incompetent Agents. This knowledge gap threatens the credibility of the industry"

This is why the average consumer thinks they don't need a Real Estate Agent in this digital world.  I don't blame you as to why you feel that way, because the Brutal Truth is that most Real Estate Agents don't have enough education, Experience, Ethical Practices to represent you on one of the most important transactions of your life. No wonder you as a consumer think that Real Estate agents are no different than used car salesmen. Yes you have a right to feel that no matter who the agent is, your results are going to be the same! HUGE MISTAKE!! Now to give value to why you are on this page.......

Why should you hire Pebble Singha as your consultant?



 I AM A REAL ESTATE BROKER and not just a Real Estate Agent.  As a Real Estate Broker I am Held to Higher standards, receive more  education, work under stricter code of Ethics, follow much stringent Rules and regulations than a Real Estate Agent, who is not require to go  through this extensive education, certification or regulations. All Real Estate Agents have to work under the supervision of a Broker like myself. Having  sold over $60 million in Real Estate and closed over 300 most complex and challenging escrows, I have the experience, knowledge and patience necessary  to get he job done.


According to the THE WALL STREET JOURNAL story on 10-year study by Longwood University, Virginia.
Published in 2013:
"Experienced Real Estate Brokers yeild 12% increased results compared to less experienced Agents.
That's a $48,000 difference on a $400,000 home."



According to the Danger Report published by our own National Association of Realtors in 2015:

" There are no meaningful educational initiatives on the table to raise the national Bar for Real Estate agents. And while this lack of agent knowledge is a significant danger to the Real estate industry in itself, combined with lack of basic competency, It could be DESTRUCTIVE & HARMFUL to both the industry and the consumer."

In order to distance myself from the average Real Estate Agent, I have continued to enhance my education over the years to be prepared to face any challenge and guide my clients with the utmost education and competency by taking certifications such as:

 Real Estate Broker,

 First Time Home Buyer Specialist (FTHBS), 
 Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE), 
 Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist (CPRESS),
  Internet Marketing Designation Specialist (IMSD).
Above all, I have graduated from the top Keller Williams Institute (BOLD), where I was mentored by TOP Agents and mentors in the country,
on how to give clients an unforgettable experience, how to look out for their best interests and how to protect the interests of clients
with a pledge to the theory of "Client before Commission". 

Truth be known, that most Real Estate agents don’t have enough education, knowledge and experience to represent you and protect your interests.  


only do it much better............ plus offer you much more, that other agents don't:


III. A Brokers Value:

A Broker Provides value that you may not get with an average Agent. I can save you valuable money in every department because I have broken it down already. So without futher ado......

1. The Strategy:
2. Matching buyers and sellers:
3. Negotiations:
4. vetting of Vendors:
5. Escrow Period:
6. After Close service:

1. strategy: ( This will save you 20%)

  • Developing the best timing to Buy or Sell. Everyday is not the best to buy or sell. 
  • Establishing priorities & Personal values.
  • Strategize the pricing and see the impacting market conditions affecting it.
  • Anticipate potential issues upfront.
2. Matching Buyers and Sellers (is worth 20% savings)

  • This is an Art, a Science A specialized skill honed from the experince of having matched over 300 Buyers with Sellers successfully over the last 12 years.


  • Buyers and Sellers are an explosive combination at a table when put together. This is why the biggest Sports Stars, Hollywood Celebrities hire representation to negotiate hunders and millions of dollars worth of deals. Hiring Pebble Singha will certainly be an advantage for you.


3. Negotiations: (is worth 30% savings)

Having negotiated over 200 Short Sales, I have the proven experience you need. Imagine negotiating best possible deals for clients against corporate negotiators and Attorney's from big banks like BofA, Wells Fargo, Ocwen, Chase, Countywide, Wamu, Citi, Fannie mae, Freddie Mac, HUD and much more. An average Real Estate Agent cannot bring this to the table. I do.

a) Researching the other parties agent thouroughly to ensure great closing.
b) Evaluating the motivations and circumstances to plan negotiation tactics.
c) Negotiating contracts. This is what we get paid for. I teach contracts to new agents and have a good understanding of the contracts.Make no mistake, as your Broker my most important job is to effectively negotiate a Real Estate contract and protect you.

4. Vetting Vendors: ( is worth 5% savings)

Most Real Estate companies will funnel you to use thier escrow, title and other vendors. Simply because they make money off of you. How do you know, these vendors are doing the best for you or most importantly giving you the best deal?

a) I will give you reccomendations of the tried and tested vendors, who are looking to earn your business instead of you being forced to work with them, and you have no obligation to work with any of them, if you choose not to.
b) Vendors we work with make it a top priority to be highly secure, with advanced technolody, competitive rates and are truly independent. I do not make money off of them on a back end unlike others. I am truly looking out for your best interest. 

5. Escrow Period: ( Worth 20%)

Having closed over 300 escrows, I understand the complexities of an Escrow period. This is where the stress, and the feeling of pins & needles come into play. The most important part of the transaction. Why, because of the following:


a) Contingency Timelines with buyers

b) Contractual Obligations

c) Disclosures to be provided to the buyer ( did you know there are over 70 disclosures to choose from to protect your interests?)

d) Negotiating Inspections ( Did you know that the buyers can choose from over 32 Inspections to perform?)

e) Appraisals: In a tough appraisal envoirnment today, when your appraisal comes under by as much as 5 to 15%, this is where my past experiences to over come or negotiate them will come in hand.


6. After the close of Escrow:( Worth 5%)



Most clients don't pay attention to this important detail. Guess who has the file after the close of escrow? The Broker does ( Not The Agent). If the Agent you dealt with moves companies, he has to leave the files with his previous Broker. I am a Broker, so all files stay with me. 

Did you know that According to Statistics :

50% of the Agents in the business today have an experience of 6 years or less!

There is a minimum of 15% turnover every year!

The chances of you working with an inexperienced agent who is a only a salesperson is 50%! After the close of escrow, they may not be around for you if a problem comes up. What if the other party decides to sue or you need paperwork to prove that a particular item was disclosed?

I will be around. This is my only Full Time job. The Buck stops at me. I am the decision maker of my business. I am a Broker and the only responsible party for all my transactions. 


Final Thoughts:


Don't allow a Real Estate agent to learn on the job with your transaction. Don't allow them to take money from you without you even knowing. There is so much at stake, in-fact hundreds and thousands of your hard earned money at stake. Don't give it away by hiring a weak agent. There is no RE-TAKE. That referral you got from your family member or a friend does not guarantee that you are in  the best hands simply because even your family members or friends may not know how high the bar of the real service in this Real Estate world can go.... so much so that :

According to the FORTUNE MAGAZINE 2015:
" Most people aren't hiring Real Estate Agents or Brokers more than once or twice in thier life times, which makes them UNIQUELY INCAPABLE OF GAUGING THE QUALITY of service they get."




A Real Estate Broker has to take College level Courses, go through much stringent testing, is held to higher standards, stricter rules and regulations than a Real Estate Agent?


A Real Estate Agent has to work under the supervision of a Real Estate Broker at all times? When you bought or sold your last home, did your Agent introduce you to the Broker? 



Pebble Singha's Clients Average $11,450 higher vs clients of other Agents.
Pebble Singha's Clients sell homes in an average of 21 days due to his incredible advertising and marketing vs clients of other agents who take 61 days or more on an average.
Did you know that Pebble Singha sell's homes all over Southern California? Pebble Singha has broken records and established highest sales in many tracts all over SoCal?







 Wouldn't you want the best specialist to do  your heart surgery? This is  financial  surgery. When you can get a Broker for the  same price as an  Agent, it’s a no brainer to hire Pebble Singha.


Question is are you willing to leave that 12% on the table by hiring a weak agent?


PEBBLE SINGHA is the right choice.



Wait......Don't Decide yet! Please Watch this video first:



The San Fernando Valley, Conejo Valley, Simi Valley, Santa Clarita Valley and surrounding Areas!


Contact me with any questions you may have.

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